Currency: $ Colombian peso   Area of Country (in square kilometres): 1,138,910   Country Dialling Code: 57   Internet Domain: .co   

Languages: Spanish as used in Republic of Colombia

Capital: Bogotá   

Largest Places: CaliMedellínBarranquillaCartagenaCúcutaBucaramangaPereiraSanta MartaIbaguéBello

Neighbours: Republic of EcuadorRepublic of PeruRepublic of PanamaFederative Republic of BrazilBolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Republic of Colombia   More Names

Feature Type: Administrative Boundary Feature Class | Independent Political Entity Feature

Number of Features: 78,065   Population: 49,648,685   Local Time: 10:30   Elevation: 223 m dem

Modification Date: 29 Mar 2020   Links: Wikipedia (en)Wikipedia (ru)

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