South America   More Names

Feature Type: Area Feature Class | Continent Feature | Continent: Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Antarctica

Number of Features: 552,045   Population: 385,742,554   Local Time: 12:02   Elevation: 278 m dem

Modification Date: 11 Aug 2019   Links: Wikipedia (en)Library of Congress

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  • Countries
  • Argentine Republic   More Names

    Number of Features: 49,677

  • Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela   More Names

    Number of Features: 68,945

  • Co-operative Republic of Guyana   More Names

    Number of Features: 5,981

  • Falkland Islands   More Names

    Number of Features: 1,125

  • Federative Republic of Brazil   More Names

    Number of Features: 121,336

  • Guyane   More Names

    Number of Features: 3,709

    First Level Administrative Divisions: Guyane

    General Features

  • Oriental Republic of Uruguay   More Names

    Number of Features: 8,112

  • Plurinational State of Bolivia   More Names

    Number of Features: 29,808

  • Republic of Chile   More Names

    Number of Features: 45,042

  • Republic of Colombia   More Names

    Number of Features: 78,065

  • Republic of Ecuador   More Names

    Number of Features: 15,178

  • Republic of Paraguay   More Names

    Number of Features: 17,737

  • Republic of Peru   More Names

    Number of Features: 104,872

  • Republic of Suriname   More Names

    Number of Features: 2,444

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